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Regardless of your financial goal, it is important that you make positive changes to both your personal finances and business finances. This will not only help you achieve your goals more effectively but also faster. Whilst our bookkeepers are there to answer any questions that you may have regarding your accounting, we also have access to resources and tools which can help you. In addition, we have teamed up with a FTSE 250 company who have over 15 years experience in the field of helping people to save money.

Free Money e-book

Napoleon Hills timeless classic ‘Think & Grow Rich’ is still as relevant today, as it was when it was first written over 100 years ago.

Free Audio Book

Ron Holland’s audio book ‘Talk & Grow Rich’ makes great listening. Ideal if you are not a reader. Ron is an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in business.

Goal Setting

Putting your goals on paper makes them more tangible. A goal which is written down can then be worked upon. A plan written and you and your bookkeeper now know what you are aiming for.

Financial Healthcheck

Before you start off on the goal, take stock of exactly where you are. Our healthcheck will help you to take stock of your situation.

Save Money

A penny saved is a penny earned. Instead of working so hard for money, first make sure that your money is working hard for you. Are you getting the best deal on all your expenses?

Make Money

Regardless of your primary income source, few would say no to a secondary residual income stream. Find out more.

Money, Money, Money!

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  • Health check
  • Save money
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In this business, we help people to account for and manage their money. But, unlike other bookkeeping service providers that you make come across, we don’t just stop there. We know that ‘money’ is an emotive subject. We’re pleased that you’re taking the step to seek our help in managing the businesses finances but do make sure that your own personal finances are also under control.

There is a saying … ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything’ – so don’t just stop at your business finances, but make sure that your personal expenses are also being dealt with. The better off you are personally, the less ‘dependent’ you’ll be upon your business. Sometimes you can’t drain your business of cash – it needs it to run and cover its operating costs. The more your personal finances are under control, the less stress you’ll be under and the less pressure your business will be under.

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