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There’s two ways in which you can improve your bottom line… either 1) Increase your income or 2) Decrease your expenses. Most people will focus on increasing their income which is (normally) more work, more effort, more time. Contact us to see if we can save you money just by switching over a few services – utilities (energy, internet, phone) are essential to run a business and you owe it to yourself to get the best deal possible. There’s no point in paying ‘£50’ for a mobile, when you could pay ‘£20’. Take the £360 annual saving and either a) treat yourself – go on holiday; b) invest it and make yourself more money. Stop working so hard!

A penny saved, is a penny earned! If you can reduce the cost of your bills (both at home and in your business), then it just means you don’t have to work so hard, to make financial progress. Find out more about the savings club from Terry Wogan (below).

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Save Money (Terry Wogan Explains)

A bookkeeper can help you to figure out how much money you are paying for certain services now, and how much you could pay if you switched.

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