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If solicitor-accounts is of interest to you, we have 4 legal bookkeeping home-based / distance learning courses. We’re not currently offering classroom based teaching. If you’re looking for a Legal Cashier, contact us.

Solicitors Accounts Rules Course

This course consists of the SARS book, a workbook, and a USB with 17 video recorded exercises to work through with the workbook.

The Legal Bookkeeper Course is ideal for bookkeepers who want to get into legal bookkeeping / bookkeeping for solicitors in the UK. Content: The manual exercises recorded, mean it doesn’t matter which computerised system you do use – the principals are still the same.

§         Introduction to bookkeeping – double entry, partnership accounts, profit & loss, balance sheet

§         How a solicitors office should run

§         Client & Office money

§         Recording Transactions (bills, invoices)

§         Posting receipts from the Legal Services Commission

§         Transfer client ledgers, residual balances, mixed money

§         VAT

§         Disbursements

§         Interest – deposit account & client account

§         Petty Cash

§         Credit notes, write offs, bad debts

§         Solicitor Typical problems

§         SARs compliance and The Accountants Report


The distance learning course is ideal for:

Bookkeepers who want to get into Solicitors Accounts and learn more about Legal Bookkeeping, existing legal cashiers who want to brush up their knowledge and solicitors who want to do their own books.

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The Solicitors Accounts Rules Book

The Solicitors Accounts Rules (SARs) Book has over 100 pages, and consists of the Solicitors Accounts Rules which are relevant for solicitors operating in England & Wales. Every good cashier / legal bookkeeper / solicitor should have this manual in their office, or nearby to refer to.

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Solibooks Software Training

The legal bookkeeping software Solibooks is a relatively new software to the market, but its very easy to use and is rivaling standard industry leaders. This 2 hour course is on a USB. Simply plug and play and watch each of the 15 short task modules. The Assignment is that you’re working for AA Solicitors and certain activities take place during the course of the month. We record these transactions. The course comes with a printed 47 page booklet: Mini Guide To The Solicitors Accounts Rules by Boogles Ltd and screenshots and explanations of SoliBooks the software. You can get a free trial of Solibooks by contacting them directly:

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Perfect Software Training

Perfectbooks / Perfect software has been around for several years. The software itself is available online and also as a desktop version. The course is about 2 hours in length and is a series of short videos which goes through the how to enter bills, pay suppliers, run a vat return, pull of reports. It will help you to get the most out of your software. There is an accompanying booklet of about 42 pages of how to use Perfect Books. It is on USB (simply plug and play). Plus you will receive the SARs book (100+ pages). Ideally, read the exercises, have a go at it on the software yourself. Then watch the video for the answer. Go onto task 2 and repeat the process.

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