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Starting your own business can be complex, and we do give a free 1/2 hour initial consultation to make sure that we can meet your needs. Click below to see specialist areas of advice that clients often approach us for.



Are you having difficulty knowing when and where the cash is flowing in and out of your business? Cashflow Management is the process of managing funds IN to and OUT of your business account. Without adequate cashflow, a business will not survive. We can analyse your bills and look at ways to help you save money to improve your cashflow.


Goal Setting

Putting your goals on paper makes them more tangible. A goal which is written down can then be worked upon. You should set a goal for your sales, for your expenses, for your products, for the lifestyle that you want, the vision for your business. When you have written financial goals, then both you and your bookkeeper now know what you are aiming for



Your business should have a budget for its sales, production, expenses … and you should have a personal financial ‘survival’ budget for yourself. A bookkeeper can help you to set a budget and stay on track. You can compare your budget to last years figures, to actual current figures.


Financial Management Reports

If you want to assess the performance of your business, regular financial reporting is important. Do you know what profit (net or gross) you made this week? this quarter? this year? Do you have to report back to your shareholders? investors? or grant givers? Financial management reports provides the information you need to make clear, effective decisions.


Year End Accounts

Do you need to file your year end accounts with Companies House? You have up to 9 months from yoru financial year end to get your accounts filed with companies house. In addition, there’s corporation tax filing to do with HMRC too. We can help you with this. Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply for your user name and password to file these things online. We can assist you with requesting log in details.

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