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Business Books

Here is a selection of books on business, bookkeeping, finance, goal setting and (if you are a bookkeeper) books to help you to set up and start your own business.

QuickBooks Handbook

This book is almost 400 pages long and has 19 chapters which covers every aspect of using the QuickBooks Online software- from invoicing, bank rec’s, bills, credit cards, producing statements, stock, reporting, VAT, multicurrency, payroll and importing transactions. The book is available on Amazon, and more information is on:

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Make The Most of Your Money

This book is a useful personal finance guide and makes essential reading for business owners and non-business owners alike. It covers how money works, assets, liabilities, income, expenses, making money, debts, credit cards, saving, investing, budgeting, cashflow. The book is available on Amazon, and more information is on:

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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

Do you have a burning desire to write a book? Is it something that you’ve been thinking about, but yet just haven’t quite got round to it? Many business owners have years of experience which if they could ‘bottle’ would be very valuable to others wishing to following in their footsteps. The book is an easy read. It outlines exactly what to do. Its available on Amazon or from:

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Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards

If you’ve started your own business then you may have been told to make a written business plan. The thing is, some people do this, but then they never refer to it again and it was a wasted experience. A far more effective method is to have a vision for your business in pictures. The human mind finds images far more powerful than just words on a page. This book is available on Amazon or from:

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For Bookkeepers & Accountants (existing and potential) – the following two books were written with you in mind. Note, if you are looking for more bookkeeping work, and are interested in joining our team, please visit the website: where we can let you know whether we need anyone in your area.

How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business. And Be Successful

Having started Boogles Ltd with £150 in 2004, entrepreneur Lisa Newton was continuously asked ‘how did you do it?’and so decided to write book about it to save time having to repeat the same information over and over again. It wasn’t all plain sailing and this book doesn’t hold back. The book is available on Amazon.

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97 Ways To Market Your Accountancy Business

Written as a sequel to How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business, this book was written with the accountant / bookkeeping business owner in mind on ways in which you can promote your business and secure a steady stream of customers always coming to you. The book is available on Amazon and in all good bookshops.

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All of the above books (except the Quickbooks Online Handbook) are also available as audiobooks on both the iTunes and audible platforms.

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