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As a bookkeeping service provider, we can help you to form a limited company if you are in the early stages and help you with various tasks in your business. See our useful links page for popular links we’re always quoting and the usual advice which we’re asked about. VAT is often an issue – we have a link for this. Our bookkeepers are there to help you to navigate the journey – whether you have been going a while or just starting out. Plus, we offer back office support. Our telephone answering service is available 24,7.

Form A Limiting Company

A limited company can be formed ‘off the shelf’ – literally like a business in a box within 24 hours.

Business Advice

Business can be like a minefield. If there’s any questions you have – what we cover on our site.

Useful Links

We’ve put together a collection of useful sites and links which business owners have found helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical questions that we’re asked and the answers.

FREE Call Answering

We offer a virtual receptionist service. We’ll answer your phones for free for the first month.


VAT is Value Added Tax. WE can run the VAT Returns for you and / or help you to register for VAT if necessary.


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In this business, we help people to account for and manage their money. Our clients are usually at different stages in their business. Some have just started up, some have been going a year, and other have been going for years. Sometimes we are the first bookkeepers you’ve ever had. Sometimes we’re replacing a bookkeeper who is retiring after 30+ years service!

We have included useful links which help everyone at all stages of their business life. We’ve included frequently asked questions so that you have all the answers that you’re seeking at your fingertips. VAT returns are a common issue which clients come to us with. VAT returns if filed late will result in a penalty with the HMRC and it is your responsibility as the business owner to make sure that your VAT returns are filed on time – even if its a nil return – it still needs to be filed with the HMRC!

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