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If you are looking for an affordable, highly qualified bookkeeper in Stoke, then you have come to the right place. Our bookkeepers in Stoke cover the City Centre and the surrounding areas including;  Stoke On Trent, Macclesfield, Cannock, Crewe, Telford, Shrewsbury.

With a population of 250,000 Stoke is a flourishing area for small businesses and self employed people.

In business it is not always convenient to keep going to your accountant to get help with tasks such as the bookkeeping or even payroll or VAT. It can be very expensive, and not as convenient because rarely will they ever come out to you. You have to go to them – taking valuable time out of your busy day.
Furthermore, some of the accountants in Stoke might not have the time to really get to know your business and how you operate to help you to improve your results and target profit levels.

A bookkeeper can help with all of these issues by either doing the books on your site (a place that it is convenient for you) or collecting and returning the paperwork and working from our site – if you don’t have the space. We’re extremely flexible and have a lot of part time clients who just need a few hours a week or month.

Your bookkeeping will be tailored to your individual needs, whether you use accounting software such as Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, Kashflow, Freeagent, VT, Excel, Solibooks or any host of the plethora of other bookkeeping packages out there.


Our bookkeepers in Stoke are experienced and knowledgeable to help you achieve your goals.
Our bookkeepers in Stoke have access to our unique money saving service, business templates and training support.

If you decide to use our services, FindMeABookkeper ® can also provide you with your very own financial health check and we can provide you access to money ebooks, audios and worksheets to set financial goals for yourself and your business.

You might be wondering how we work. Well, give us a ring or fill in the contact page and we’ll allocate the bookkeeper who is closest to you. You’ll always get the same person. This gives them the opportunity to get to understand what your business does and what you need from us.

Your local personal bookkeeper in Stoke on Trent can help you to choose the right software for your business (if you haven’t yet got anything in place). We can assess the current state of your books and give you help on best practise, how to organise your paperwork and work with your accountant (if you have one).

Find Me A Bookkeeper has been created for you and we want to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to your bookkeeping and financial wellbeing.



There are a lot of small businesses struggling with their paperwork and trying to keep up with all the legislation and rules can be mind boggling. Our business was formed in response to the high levels of people who found it difficult to get anyone half-decent to help them out. We are an award winning company that understand inherently the issues and challenges that small businesses face and we’re here to help you.

At Find Me A Bookkeeper our team of local bookkeepers in Stoke can help to counteract this issue of bookkeepers who don’t deliver on promises or who disappear into the night with your paperwork. We are visible, contactable, approachable and we’re not going anywhere.

Our professional service starts with a free consultation which will be carried out over the phone. We’ll explain how we work and what we can offer. Services on offer include: cost control, budgeting, forming a limited company, self assessment, bookkeeping, payroll, distance learning bookkeeping training courses.

Postcodes covered include:

ST10 2, ST10 3, ST13 5, ST13 6, ST13 7, ST13 8, ST2 7, ST6 8, ST8 6, ST8 7, ST9 0, ST9 9, ST1 1, ST1 2, ST1 3, ST1 4, ST1 5, ST1 6, ST10 1, ST10 4, ST11 9, ST12 9, ST14 5, ST14 7, ST14 8, ST15 0, ST15 8, ST16 1, ST16 2, ST16 3, ST18 0, ST18 9, ST2 0, ST2 8, ST2 9, ST20 0, ST21 6, ST3 1, ST3 2, ST3 3, ST3 4, ST3 5, ST3 6, ST3 7, ST4 1, ST4 2, ST4 3, ST4 4, ST4 5, ST4 6, ST4 7, ST4 8, ST5 1, ST5 3, ST5 4, ST6 2, ST17 0, ST17 4, ST17 9, ST19 5, ST19 9, ST5 0, ST5 2, ST5 5, ST5 6, ST5 7, ST5 8, ST5 9, ST6 1, ST6 3, ST6 4