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If you have a limited company in the UK, then on the anniversary of the company’s formation you have to fill out a form to let Companies House know who are the Directors, the shareholders and the registered company address. In addition, you have to file your year end accounts (a profit and loss, balance sheet and directors report) with Companies House, plus the corporation tax needs to be filed with HMRC. All of these things can be filed online. We can assist you with the compiling of the figures and filing your returns. We’re not ‘accountants’ but there is some overlap.

Even if you haven’t traded with your limited company and its dormant, you still have to file dormant company accounts with Companies House and let HMRC know by returning the Corportation Tax form. You’ll receive penalties if you miss deadlines.

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Self Employed Vs Limited Company

A bookkeeper can help you to set up a limited company and get your receipts and files together in order to be able to file your figures.

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