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Budgeting is an essential part of running a business. If you have no goals set, then how do you know if you are on track? It need not be a difficult or time consuming process to set a budget or to monitor it. Most accounting software has a budgeting feature. A budget can be set for sales targets, for expenses, but also for milestones that you want to reach or for project costing jobs.  You can base the figures on improving last years results, or make it up completely from scratch. The ‘actual’ result can then be monitored and compared against the budgeted figures.

If you are a charity or organisation that is government / grant funded, then you may have a fixed budget which you have to report on monthly or quarterly. We can help you to set up a budget on your system and report on the results.

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A bookkeeper can help you to set a budget and to monitor your actual results against your budgeted (targeted) figures.

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