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Why Choose Find Me A Bookkeeper?

Wondering what makes us different? We're a UK network of bookkeepers who each have a portfolio of clients that we look after on an ongoing basis. Backed by an award winning bookkeeping company we bring good practise to SMEs, busy individuals who just want their books doing on time, in a hassle-free way.

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Working Together

When running an efficient business you need to have a Finance Department in place. Let us work with you to be your finance team.

Multiple Services

Unlike other bookkeeping service providers - we don't just stop at bookkeeping. We also offer a telephone answering service and have money saving partners.

Dedicated Support

At FindMeABookkeeper we work around the clock to make sure that your work and enquiry is given priority and that we're helping you achieve your goals.


We can help you with your bookkeeping (on site or off site), we have off-site bookkeeping home learning and can give you access to bookkeeping software and templates.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated to helping our clients get their books done
There's no disappearing into the night with your paperwork, or being unable to get hold of your bookkeeper because they're full up and can only squeeze you in at evenings and weekends....

We can work on-site or off site. We're reliable. We're visible and aim to be the number 1 provider of decent bookkeepers in the UK.
The number 1 solution to your bookkeeping problem
We're able to call upon other network members so that we don't topple over under the strain of all the client enquiries. HQ is on call 24,7 to be a point of contact. Client care is extremely important to us.

We've got a specialist arm for solicitors accounts and we offer SARs training if you need to brush up your knowledge.


FindMeABookkeeper is run by Boogles - an incredibly flexible friendly calculator!

Boogles established in 2004 has extended its network to licensed members who are carefully vetted to extend the service further throughout the UK.

  • Happy customers
  • Extensive UK network
  • Established award-winning brand
  • Reliable service
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    Our solutions

    • Bookkeeping books
    • Bookkeeping training programs
    • Bookkeeping service
    • Accounts software
    • Accounts filing
    • and so much more...

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